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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the package expandable?Open or Close

    Yes. You can expand to as many pages as you wish you just pay for the amount of pages you have.

  • What is the length of the contract period?Open or Close

    12 Months. We invest a lot of time at the start producing your website and the 12 months covers this. Each time you add a page the 12 month contract renews and is for the higher amount of pages. Eg. If after 6 months you change from 15 pages to 10 pages then we will continue to charge for 15 pages for a further 6 months. After this period our fees will change accordingly for 10 pages.

  • What is the notice period?Open or Close

    You will need to provide us with 30 days notice prior to the end of 12 month contract.

  • If I wish to continue for the following year do I have to notify you?Open or Close

    No. To ensure that you receive an uninterrupted service the contract will automatically renew on each anniversary for a further 12 months.

  • How do I claim my re-design after 3 years?Open or Close

    You are automatically entitled to a re-design of your website every 3 years. You will need to choose a design from our selection and let us know your choice. We will also make attempts to contact you to notify you that it is time for a change.

  • Can I have a blog on my site?Open or Close

    Yes. This is classed as an add-on.

  • How do you manage my project?Open or Close

    We have a full blown online project management system. We set you up with a username and login which will allows you to monitor the progress of your project as well as being able to transfer photos, videos and documentation. For updates and changes throughout the year we have a ticket support system that allows you the ability to login and request changes. This then raises a ticket which lets us monitor and make the changes required. Once the changes have been made we can close the request. You will also be given the contact details of the webmaster in charge of your account.