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Terms and Conditions

Upon agreeing to purchase a website from Chilli Creative Ltd also trading as Chillisite (CS) you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions which can be found on here. There are additional terms to cover the Chillisite.

1. (CS) design and content is the property of Chilli Creative Ltd.

2. By agreeing to purchase a (CS) you are bound by a 12 month contract from the date signed on the order form. For those who have not returned their order form by paying the first invoice means that you have accepted our terms and the date of the first invoice becomes the anniversary date of the contract. For convenience, the contract automatically rolls over on a month by month basis. Other terms may apply if agreed in writing by a Director of Chilli Creative Ltd. In all cases a minimum of 12 invoices payable concludes the first 12 month period as there may be initial delays in launching the website.

3. To cancel your contract you will need to confirm this in writing at least 30 days before the next billing date, otherwise the contract is deemed to be renewed for a further 1 month period. Once cancelled we will provide our (CS) Service until the end of the contract at which point our services will cease. Upon a redesign of your website then the contract renews for 12 months and after this period rolls over on a month by month basis.

4. The client is responsible for all content on their website.

5. At the end of the contract we will transfer the domain names to your new supplier based on your instructions. As long as your account has been brought up to date and cleared.

6. We reserve the right to refuse any order placed.